Sales Management

3 Steps for Effective Prospecting

Your success in prospecting will be dramatically enhanced by recruiting your own private team of professional business allies who will help you research and qualify prospects.  This unique and powerful method, which is taught in the Purple Cow Leadership workshop, will enable you fill your pipeline with qualified prospects.   Rather than using a random, hit-or-miss approach, try setting up a disciplined, strategic, and energized prospect research and qualification system that includes a “Prospect Research Evaluation Program (PREP) Board.”

Implement these three steps to build your own PREP board:

  1. Identify individuals who are enthusiastic and appreciative about your unique process and view you as trustworthy and referable. Your list should include loyal clients, powerful centers of influence, and responsive carrier representatives.
  2. Once members of your PREP board have agreed to serve, send them a list of your prospects to gather and assimilate information about them. Ask your PREP board to review, comment, and even add other names to your list. The members of your PREP board will often have knowledge and experience with these prospects and can offer valuable insight.  Even if they do not recognize the prospects on your list, they may provide you with a referral who was not previously identified.
  3. Provide your PREP board with regular updates about the impact your unique process, target market, and prospecting success. Always show your appreciation!

This proven prospecting and referral system will act as catalyst to allow you to accomplish your goals more efficiently and strategically.  Through the design of your PREP board, you will have a group of successful people helping you grow your business.

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