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4 Podcasts Every Insurance and Risk Management Professional Should Listen To

As an insurance and risk management professional, you know that continuing education is essential.  That being said, podcasts can be an excellent source of news and tips to help with day-to-day decisions and provide a general understanding of offerings in an ever-changing and challenging business landscape.

Podcasts keep you up-to-date and inspire you.  But there are a LOT of podcasts out there.  Which ones should you listen to on a regular basis?

The following four podcasts are definitely worth checking out:

 This is Your Life Weekly Podcast with Michael Hyatt

Michael’s focus is on leadership, asking, “What can we do right now to become more effective leaders?”  He helps listeners “live with more passion, work with greater focus and lead with extraordinary influence.”  Topics are divided into personal development, leadership, productivity, platform, publishing, and resources.

Leaders in the Trenches hosted by Gene Hammett

This podcast is designed to help business owners establish strategies for growth and profitability.  It focuses on both the successes and failures of others to inspire you to keep pushing ahead on your journey.  It will motivate you and give you practical, useful advice.

Risk Revolution Radio hosted by Matt O’Neill

New host, Matt O’Neill, interviews visionaries, legends, calculated risk-takers, and thought-leaders about insurance, risk management, and the world in 2020.  Guests have included Rough Notes’ founder, Walt Gdowski; George Nordhaus; Bob Mahowald; and many more — making this must-listen radio.

BestDay Podcast

A.M. Best makes it easy to hear major insurance news and rating announcements every weekday morning.

These four podcasts are perfect for on-the-road professionals or for account managers to listen to in the office.  If you want get through archived episodes easily and faster, try downloading the new app, Overcast.  Forbes magazine calls it “the best app ever made for listening to podcasts.”

What podcasts do you listen to?

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