Sales Skills

4 Proven Ways to Market Yourself and Generate More Leads

For anyone in a business development role, generating qualified prospects is the most difficult challenge they face.  According to research, many salespeople complicate the process by “failing to leverage the most effective technologies and methods for generating leads and driving business awareness.”

Try these four effective methods for finding new prospects:

  1. Set up a Prospect Research Evaluation (PREP) Board. Each year, hundreds of producers learn the formula for setting up a PREP board during the Purple Cow Leadership Workshopor another Beyond Insurance training program. When you develop a board of trusted advisors – a PREP board – who understand and appreciate your unique process, your book of business will grow dramatically.  Why?  Because members of your PREP board give you glowing reviews in your community. When you’re highly recommended by someone a prospect knows and trusts, that individual transfers that trust onto you.
  2. Useful online content. When you consistently deliver valuable content to your clients, customer loyalty is enhanced, and you will benefit from increased cross- and up-sales.  According to the Google Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) study, “insurance shoppers use on average 11.7 sources of information to help them make their purchase decision.”  Your clients desire content they are interested in, that is delivered in an engaging tone.  By offering educational and informative content that establishes thought leadership, you will generate leads earlier in the buying process and win trust by displaying your knowledge and expertise.
  3. Set yourself up as an expert. Speaking of expertise…when you give an event presentation at a trade show, conference, industry event, or even gain access to a spot on local TV or radio, you receive name and face recognition that elevates you above other professionals.  If you follow your presentation with customized letters, calls, or emails to individuals you meet at the event, you stay top of mind.
  4. Webinars, podcasts, and videocasts. With today’s digital world, the possibilities of extending your expertise are vast.  Yet, the InsideSales study found that informational webinars, podcasts, and videocasts are some of the most underused methods of generating leads.  Not only do they set you up as an expert and provide valuable content to listeners, people can access them when and where they want – they no longer have to feel tethered to a computer at a specific time.

Once a prospect engages in downloading content or viewing a digital presentation, it’s important to engage with them.  Instead of immediately trying to set an appointment, ask the prospect, “What information were you hoping to glean by [downloading our content] or [attending our webinar]?”

Remember, your goal is for the prospect to view you as a relevant resource until they are ready to move to the point of meeting with you.  In other words, your prospecting must conform to your clients’ buying process, driven by a clear understanding of their needs.

Try testing these four lead generation strategies and see if they yield results in your market.