The 5 Abilities of Effective Leaders

Whether you are a Leader or a Manager, you must embrace and appreciate the 5 abilities of effective leaders.

The 5 Abilities of Effective Leaders:

  1. Ability to create a shared vision for the organization.  The “vision” must be clear, compelling, and properly articulated.  The staff must buy into the leader’s vision and have passion for it.
  2. Ability to build the right team.  Because leaders do not have the time and ability to execute the vision, it is essential that the right team is in place.  They must also be armed with tools to implement the vision.
  3. Ability for the leader to get out of the way.  The leader’s vision creates energy, enthusiasm and passion.  On occasion, however, the vision gets diluted because the leader gets in the way of those who execute.  A gifted leader knows when to get out of the way to let his or her team design, build and execute.
  4. Ability to value people.  Great leaders understand their gifts and recognize their limitations.  They understand the importance of recognizing the accomplishments and talents of those who support their visions.  The ability to value others is an essential ingredient of the successful leader.
  5. Ability to ride the wave of chaos.  People don’t like change.  They feel comfortable with the status-quo.  The leader’s challenge is to establish a culture which embraces innovation —  where the staff’s energy and excitement about the future vision overshadow nervousness and anxiety.

Leaders are known to be a rare find, and are extremely valuable. Are you working to become a leader in your organization?