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7 Secrets to Peak Producer Performance

In my role as an Agency Transformer, I have had the opportunity to listen to, and learn from, numerous Peak Performance Producers. 

I define a Peak Performer as one who is maximizing his or her potential for success.  Peak Performers go about their business with clarity and a sense of excitement, purpose, passion and pride.

While these individuals come from all walks of life and have differing skill sets, they share  “7 Secrets to Peak Performance”. We’ll review the first 3 today and 4 more in our next blog post.

First 3 Secrets to Peak Producer Performance:

Secret #1 – It’s Not About the Insurance Sale

Peak Performance Producers have a different view of work than the average business development specialist.  Peak Performers move about life with a purpose far beyond the sale of insurance.  There is great meaning to their profession.  They see themselves as missionaries whose work is to protect the assets of those whom they serve. beyond insurance

Unlike the Peak Performer, the average producer cannot see beyond the insurance transaction to comprehend the meaning and magnitude of his or her work.  They get bogged down in price and product – the commodity.

Peak Performers relish the fact that they are in the business to create “the experience” for those whom they serve.  While each has value added tools and strategies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, it is their ability to create “the experience” that truly separates them from the competition.  Products and services can easily be commoditized, unique experiences cannot. 

Peak Performers often ask the question “Is my performance memorable?”  It is their dedication to go above and beyond value added services that separates them from the competition.

Secret #2 – Relational Capital

Peak Performers build deep, long lasting relationships.  They understand that relationships are rarely pursued and captured.  Rather, relationships are rooted in a rich soil consisting of a blend of mutual trust, respect and shared values.  Fully grown, relationships produce bonds and connections that enhance both parties’ opportunity to succeed.

The Peak Performance Producer is an expert at creating Relational Capital consisting of credibility, integrity and authenticity.  The degree to which the Peak Performer delivers Relational Capital is best demonstrated through customer intimacy and loyalty as evidenced by high hit ratios, retention, referrals and cross sell opportunities.

Peak Performers know how to turn their Relationship Network into a referral machine. The great myth of networking is that you reach out to others only at the time of need. This is incorrect. Peak Performance Producers built their network long before they needed anything at all.  The strategy is built upon the constant process of connecting – of offering and asking for help.

Secret #3 – Visions and Goals

The ability to create visions and set goals is essential to the success of Peak Performance Producers.  Visions allow them to see themselves at some point in the future, while goals offer a road map to reach those visions.  The Peak Performer understands that there is nothing more rewarding than having visions, setting goals to reach those visions and focusing in as the visions become reality. 

beyond insurance

Goal setting is a powerful process of becoming clear about the Peak Performer’s ideal future, designing an action plan to get there, launching into action and persisting until the destination is reached.  The Peak Performer has a knack of turning their vision into reality.

Peak Producer Performers live each day with a sense of clarity, confidence, purpose and passion.  Why?  Because they have learned the art of visioning and goal setting to:

  • Decide what is important in his or her life
  • Decide what they want to achieve
  • Separate what is important from what is irrelevant
  • Be motivated
  • Facilitate his or her ability to benchmark progress
  • Gain self-confidence as the goals become reality

The average producer does not appreciate the importance of visioning or goal setting.  Because they lack a goal setting navigation system, they have little control over their destination.

Do you see how these 3 factors differentiate a Peak Producer from an average producer? Stay tuned for the next 4 secrets later this week!

In part 1 of “7 Secrets to Peak Producer Performance” we uncovered three secrets that separate the best from the rest.

Today we look at the next four secrets that enable the Peak Producer to maximize his or her potential for success.

Four More Secrets to Peak Producer Performance:

Secret #4 – Unique Message

Peak Performers articulate how they create value through their unique message, which takes the form of a clear, concise, and compelling value proposition.  Their value proposition is an irresistible offer– an invitation that is so attractive that the customer would be out of his or her mind to refuse the offer.

The Peak Performer’s unique message goes beyond functional product or service descriptions to express the tangible results that the customer can expect to achieve.  With a distinguished value proposition, the Peak Performer is unique and indispensable.

Secret #5 – Criteria Filter

The criteria filter is the Peak Performers tool to screen out price shoppers. It is a means to determine if the prospective client meets or falls below his or her standards. Why is the criteria filter so important? Because it protects the five essentials to peak performance – time, reputation, confidence, money and relationships.

Unlike the typical producer who has a random approach to prospect research and qualification, the Peak Performer’s approach is disciplined and strategic. They know what is at risk. The criteria filter gives the Peak Performer a distinct “Home Field Advantage” – favorable conditions that increase their winning percentage.

Secret #6 – Work/Life Balance

Peak Performers make room in their busy lives to take care of their physical and mental well being.  The Peak Performer will not let the demands of their work infringe upon the quality and quantity of time they spend with family, friends, hobbies and community.beyond insurance

Work/life balance is essential to the performance of producers.  The intense, competitive business climate has created a corporate culture that demands more and more to get ahead.  Taking time to recharge one’s batteries is an essential ingredient to work/life balance.

Secret #7 – The Inner Game

The Inner Game consists of mental toughness, commitment, motivation, positive attitude and self-discipline.  The Peak Performer not only knows how to play the “Inner Game”, they know how to win.  It is an inner strength that allows them to achieve peak performance even in the most pressure packed situations and in the toughest of times.

The most noteworthy attribute of peak performance is attitude.

Attitude is a choice which has a profound impact on the performance of the Peak Producer.  A positive attitude gives his or her a competitive edge while a negative attitude impairs performance.  Attitude is a distinguishing factor between the average and Peak Performance Producer.

After reviewing the  7 Secrets to Peak Producer Performance, can you see why Peak Producers go about life with a sense of confidence, purpose, passion and pride?