Are You a Manager or a Leader?

When you learn whether you have the characteristics of a Manager or a Leader, you will gain the insight and self-confidence that come from knowing more about yourself. 

Managing: is about stewardship, control, planning, organizing, resource allocation and problem solving.  It is the act of coordinating people and resources to efficiently produce goods, strategies or services.

Leading: is the process of influencing others to achieve mutually agreed upon goals for the good of the organization.  It is about vision, people alignment, culture and communication supported by the firm’s mission and guiding principles.

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Let’s take a look at the two senior partners of Discovery Point Insurance & Risk Management Services – a progressive and extremely successful insurance agency.  Oscar is a Leader.  Felix is a Manager. 

The Manager (Felix)

Felix is an outstanding Manager. Felix is a problem solver.  He is focused on goals, resources and organizational structure.  He is persistent, tough minded, hard working, intelligent, analytical, tolerant, and demonstrates good will toward others.  beyond insurance

The Leader (Oscar)

Oscar thinks and acts quite differently than Felix.  Oscar has a gift of empowering people to take ownership for their roles, responsibilities and actions.  Oscar knows how to get his staff to respond.  He is an amazing motivator and developer of talent.

While Oscar is externally focused, Felix is internally focused.  It is Oscar’s creativity and vision that excites the staff. 

Great organizations have wonderful balance between Leaders and Managers.  Leaders are the visionaries who look ahead and plan what is to come.  Managers look to the present and make sure that things get done properly.  To build and grow an organization, you need Leaders.  And to manage one, you need managers.  It is interesting to note that most leaders are not good managers.  It serves leaders’ well to be aware of their limitations and not over stretch themselves in that role.  It is easier to turn a great manager into a leader than the other way around.

Does your organization need you to be a manager or a leader?

Scott Addis

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