Agency Growth

Being a Nitpicker Can Limit Your Growth!

Agents and brokers who have attended Beyond Insurance workshops fall into one of two categories:

  1. Nitpickers.  They feel that nitpicking equates to success.  They are so preoccupied with insignificant details, they miss the chance to grow.  In other words, they get in their own way and become stuck in the attempt to reach some elusive version of flawlessness.
  2. Growth-oriented. They believe that continuously learning new things brings success.  They take action and move forward, viewing life as a journey that is not measured inch by inch.


Do you know someone who falls into the first category of trying to nitpick everything he or she does?  These people hold themselves back from moving ahead.  Most people in this category care a lot about what others think about them and make decisions based on that premise.  For example, when they are visiting prospective clients, they worry about what the prospect thinks of them rather than how they can help solve the prospect’s problems.  They are so preoccupied about being judged, they are mentally analyzing their next move.  They simply cannot hear the prospect’s concerns and needs.  Their visits always fall short of perfection – and rarely lead to long-term success and business growth.

If you are one who picks every detail, task, and project to pieces, try to focus on learning and growing instead.  When you realize that being a nitpicker is limiting you from achieving success, make every effort to pay attention to how it shows up in your life and business, and do something about it.  Take a few minutes to think about how trying to control every detail of your life 24/7 is limiting you.

Being prepared is important, but not to the extent that you’re caught in nitpicking inertia.  If you’re stuck behind your computer, fixing and fussing over every bit of minutia, you are not growing your business.  The next time you notice this behavior, force yourself to get up, go on the client visit, gain visibility, and get traction!

During Beyond Insurance workshops, we offer each participant concepts on differentiation and growth.  People who fall into the growth category tend to apply what they’ve learned immediately – and reap results quickly.  Those people who fall into the nitpicking category mull the ideas over, day after day, often without making progress on growing their business.  They are too nervous about making a mistake or applying the ideas incorrectly.  They are stopping themselves from succeeding!

Pay attention to what you are doing and which category you’re in.  If you shift your perspective and actions slightly, it will make a substantial difference to you – and your business growth.