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The Best Customer Service Story of 2013 (So Far)

With 2013 only being a few months old, I realize it’s a bit early to come out with the “best” awards. But when I saw this story about LEGO’s interaction with one of its young customers, I was willing to go out on a limb.

What I love about this story is how it illustrates that the best customer experiences can’t be scripted. So much depends on the people and personalities who are delivering the experience – and the leeway they’re given to make a positive, memorable impression.

As you read about this LEGO customer experience (see the link at the bottom of this post), think about your own business and ask yourself:

  • Am I filling my front-line roles with people who have the right attitude and the intrinsic motivation for making customers feel special? Am I trying training new hires to be happy and personable, am I hiring happy and personable people?
  • Would my business’ approach to performance measurement have encouraged – or inhibited – the type of behavior demonstrated by this LEGO employee? Do I gauge employee performance largely by how many widgets people produce, or do I also consider how many raving fans they create?
  • Do I give my front-line staff some latitude to exercise judgment and make independent decisions, particularly when faced with unusual customer circumstances? How rigid are the procedures and scripts that govern their role? How do I respond when someone on the front-line makes a poorjudgment?

Might LEGO products be more fun and creative than whatever you’re selling? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean the lessons from LEGO are any less pertinent to your company.

The fact of the matter is, LEGO has long understood the building blocks of customer loyalty, and we can all learn something from them.

Enjoy the full story at The Huffington Post.

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