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Beyond Insurance Joins the Revolution

Join Scott Addis and the Beyond Insurance team as they start a Revolution…a Risk Revolution.  Click the image below to hear a special word from founder Scott Addis:

Scott Addis

Could the Risk Revolution really change your life?


Chasing after the lowest price during a 90-day insurance bidding war has been despised by consumers, agents, brokers, and carriers for years. Today, Beyond Insurance starts the Risk Revolution…an all-out assault…a war against the dominance of the insurance bid – and it’s launched on


The insurance bid is destroying the perception of our industry. Its commanding position in the marketplace has enabled commoditization to run rampant – eating away at the knowledge, wisdom, and value proposition of even the most seasoned professional.


Beyond Insurance is taking a stand…we need your help!


Join the Risk Revolution at


What is the Risk Revolution?


The Risk Revolution supports the purity and power of the Risk Management Process – a 4-step diagnostic, consumer-friendly approach founded on the principals of risk identification and risk mitigation. The Risk Revolution leads agents, brokers, and carriers down a transformational path to design and deliver a differentiated customer experience that goes far beyond transactional sales to provide risk management solutions based on their unique understanding of the risks facing their clients.


The Risk Revolution shows you how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, work smarter, not harder – and achieve increased income, a larger pipeline of referrals, higher hit  ratios, enhanced retention…and a stronger book of business.


Check out our new website…


We have redesigned our website,, and all related materials for the Risk Revolution to be more accessible for agents, brokers, and carriers seeking new solutions for client success. To reinforce the Risk Revolution, we also created a new brand identity and are using a primary color palette of black and red.


Our new site details the impact of commoditization and allows visitors to view videos, download information about the Risk Revolution, and get information about future workshops and webinars.  It guides insurance professionals to develop high-trust, client-centric relationships that lead to expanded business opportunities and an intense level of client loyalty, engagement, and referability.


Tweet us your thoughts about commoditization and the Risk Revolution @RiskRevolution.

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