Sales Leaders

The Billionaire Mindset

What traits separate a billionaire from the average person?  According to the 2014 Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census, billionaires exhibit the following seven key characteristics that you may want to employ in 2015:

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit.
    The most common characteristic is their entrepreneurial spirit, a gift that inspires the billionaire to become the best he or she can be.  It is evidenced through positivity, leadership, and ambition.
  2. Providing value.
    Billionaires focus on creating an experience for those whom they serve.  They understand that products and services can be commoditized – unique experiences cannot.  They ask themselves, “Is my performance memorable?” and “How am I providing value?”
  3. Showing passion.
    Billionaires passionately believe in their business and in the products, services, and resources they offer. Passion in business is loving what one does.  Passion creates powerful energy.
  4. Demonstrate self-confidence.
    Billionaires are confident.  Confident in their approach.  Confident in their communication skills.  Confident in technical knowledge.  Confident in the manner in which services are delivered.  Confident in their ability to qualify and select business opportunities.  Confidence impacts happiness, success, and well-being.  Confidence is the foundation of their success.
  1. Planning, goal-setting, and creating visions.
    The majority of billionaires did not inherit their fortunes, instead, they planned and visualized success.  They used goal setting to become clear about their ideal future, designed an action plan to get there, launched into action, and persisted until the destination was reached.  They developed the knack of turning vision into reality.
  2. Culture of innovation.
    Billionaires create a culture of innovation. As leaders, they accept failure, demonstrate openness and patience, and inspire motivation and creativity.  They build a meaningful, intellectually challenging work experience for their associates.
  3. Servant leadership.
    Billionaires give back as servant leaders and philanthropists. They know that their role is to help other people achieve their goals.  They work to find out what other people need to be successful.  They want to make a difference in the lives of their staff and people in their community.

What billionaire characteristics can you apply in the New Year?