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Covid-19 – Independent Agent FAQs

This week, Beyond Insurance held a Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN) forum bringing in eight industry leading experts to discuss all things coronavirus.  While this will be the first of many forums provided to our 70+ member agencies across the US, Canada, and the UK, we thought you might have an interest in reviewing the first webinar, linked below. 

Special Guests Include:

  • Ron Adler, Esq. - Laurdan Associates - Human Resource Management
  • Dustin Boss - EmergeApps - OSHA Recordkeeping
  • George Canavan - Insurance Claims Solutions - Claims Management
  • Mike Herrera - MHA Consulting - Crisis Management & Business Continuity
  • Amanda Leffler, Esq. - Brouse McDowell - Insurance Coverage & Defense
  • Kevin Ring - Institute of WorkComp Professionals - Workers' Compensation
  • Hank Stickley & Cynthia Zimmerman - Socius Insurance Services - Cyber Security, Employment Practices, and Professional Liability

Topics Discussed Include: 

  • Are there any creative coverage opportunities with the COVID-19 issue at hand?
  • We are advising our clients to keep track of extra expense, lost revenue, etc.  What other steps do you suggest?
  • What are potential business interruption/income coverage gaps related to viruses and civil authority?
  • How would “civil authority and supply chain disruption” possibly be covered in a  GL  policy?
  • What insurers, if any, include Business Interruption coverage (in their Property policy or extensions) for Government or civil forced closures, like are happening now?  
  • And more!
Please watch the program below:

If you'd like to learn more about the Beyond Insurance Global Network, and the resources available to members, please reach out to a member of the Beyond Insurance team by clicking here.  If you'd like to understand if the BIGN is a right fit for you, consider completing our free Organic Growth Assessment.

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