The Critical Energy Between Leaders and Managers

Most insurance and risk management professionals are not yet aware of the critical energy that is formed between leaders and managers.

Great organizations have a wonderful balance between Leaders and Managers.  Leaders are the visionaries who look ahead and plan what is to come.  Managers look to the present and make sure that things get done properly.

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From On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis:

…the Manager administers; the Leader innovates

…the Manager maintains; the Leader develops

…the Manager focuses on systems and structures; the Leader focuses on people

…the Manager has a short range view; the Leader has a long range perspective

…the Manager asks how and when; the Leader asks what and why

…the Manager has his/her eye on the bottom line; the Leader has his/her eye on the horizon

The energy created between the alignment of management and leadership is essential. While the manager is “running a tight ship”, the leader is “inspiring the crew.”

When your organization finds the perfect balance of the two then you’ll notice a dramatic increase in results.