Sales Management

Cultivating Long-term Client Relationships

Building strong client relationships occurs through the delivery of value throughout the year, not just at renewal time.  Delivering value means that you provide diagnostic solutions and excellent customer service by effectively using personalized, individual account information.

By learning more about each client, you can customize your communications to your customers and deliver greater value.


  1. Start by building and maintaining a rich customer database.  Use a client profile form. Include information derived from your visits with your client as well as information gathered from social media and networking.
  2. Interact frequently with  to improve your knowledge about your clients individual needs.  Facilitate client interaction via emails and e-newsletters to build stronger relationships.
  3. Formulate customized messages that can be communicated in a personalized way.  Make certain that every message delivers something of value.

One way to deliver value is by sharing a relevant article or customized information.  An excellent source for finding articles is Alltop.  Alltop collects the headlines from the latest stories and blogs that cover specific topics, then aggregates them into individual web pages.  It’s considered an “online magazine rack for the web.”

By sharing relevant articles that interest your clients, you are treating them in a genuine, special way that makes them feel important.  This helps to enhance the customer experience, reduces client defection, and turns your existing clients into raving fans.

How have you delivered personalized value to your clients?  Share your stories below.

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