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Differentiating Your Brand through Social Media

Today, many agents and brokers believe their primary role is to place insurance through a competitive bidding process.  The challenge for most is how to differentiate the product in the eyes of the consumer.

Because the agent and broker spends so much time playing the commodity game, the industry collectively has driven the consumers’ perception of this vital role to be nothing more than price and product.  Rather than having a unique value proposition, far too many agents and brokers repeat a tired, undifferentiated mantra:

  • "Well, we have quality customer service," or
  • "We like to pick up the phone and call our clients as opposed to email."

When you think about what you’re bringing to the table in terms of offerings, it is essential that you assess the degree to which it is unique in the eyes of the consumer and if you are delivering that solution in a way that enhances the customer experience.

How can you promote a differentiated solution not focused on price and product?

As an agent or broker, you tend to rely upon or trust that your agency is promoting you, your services, and your capabilities through strategic marketing tactics.  Instead:

  1. Most agencies do not have a dedicated digital/social media marketing arm.
  2. Most agencies do not have the capability or understanding of how to encourage producers to sell via social channels.
  3. Even though many consider digital marketing the “new normal,” there are more agents who don’t leverage social media properly than those who do.

The saying, “people buy from people they trust,” still rings true today. With that in mind, you can change the way you market and sell insurance and risk management services by differentiating your voice and message, then making it unique through these social channels. 

How do you start?

  • Capture the attention of your ideal client by accessing major social network sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Join the conversation.
  • Increase your personal brand equity by establishing yourself as an expert in your desired niche or industry. 
  • Actively create and distribute content that shows your breadth of knowledge so when the time is ripe, your “ask” becomes a no-brainer for your target audience. 

As you define, articulate, and execute a more credible you in a digital environment, you are building a distinguished brand and a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

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