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End the Year Energized by Discovering Your Unique Ability

A year ago, Jim, a principal with a large Boston-based agency, said, “I am feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with the end of the year approaching.  It’s our busiest time, and with all the client, staff, community, and holiday demands, I am questioning my ability to get everything accomplished.”             

The Beyond Insurance team asked Jim a few questions and realized that he was bogged down in activities that were boring, frustrating, and exhausting to him.  He was not focused on his Unique Ability® - doing what he loves to do and what he does best.  Jim had lost sight of his Unique Ability, and therefore, was no longer experiencing the rewards that come from harnessing and developing his natural talents and pursuing his passions wholeheartedly.

We asked Jim a few basic questions:

  1. What skill or ability do you have that other people notice and value?
  2. What do you love doing and want to do as much as possible?
  3. What activities energize you and others around you?

Beyond Insurance then reviewed the four zones of activity to see where Jim was spending his time and energy: 

  • Incompetent Activities: Tasks that made him feel frustrated and stressed because he was just not good at them. What incompetent activities would you be happy to get rid of? What tasks drain your energy?
  • Competent Activities: Activities Jim was merely adequate at performing represented competent activities. A lot of people could do these tasks with greater success and less effort than Jim could. It was competent activities that created boredom in his life.
  • Excellent Activities: The activities for which Jim had superior skill in performing were his excellent activities. People could count on him to accomplish these tasks. He had even developed a reputation for his capability in these areas. However, deep down, Jim did not have a burning passion for these tasks. Even with all of the external positive reinforcement, these activities did not fuel his passion.
  • Unique Ability® Activities: Activities that enhanced Jim’s confidence and created energy as well as enthusiasm were his Unique Ability® activities. When he engaged in them, he bubbled over with excitement. He could do these activities all day long and never grow bored. They gave him endless possibilities for improvement, no matter how skilled Jim was at them.

Jim took a long, hard look at where he was spending his time and decided to make some significant changes.  Now, he’s spending his time in the zones of excellence and Unique Ability and delegating everything else.  He has come to the realization that the people working at his firm each possess talents that differ from his.  Tasks that previously drained Jim’s energy are filling their buckets.

Jim’s firm is thriving, and this year, he’s energized heading into the end of the year, thanks to discovering his Unique Ability.

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