Sales Skills

The Essential Customer Acquisition Tool

Far too many agents and brokers try to compete on price or product as evidenced by talking to prospective clients about the “traditional bidding process.”  Unfortunately, when price becomes the dominant factor in a relationship, commoditization quickly follows, eliminating the opportunity to become unique and distinguished from the competition.

The key to avoiding this commodity trap is in your ability to stand out in the crowd, to be remarkable – to differentiate yourself by demonstrating your ability to serve as a consultative, diagnostic advisor who uses a customer acquisition assessment process.

How should your process work?

Envision yourself as an outsourced risk manager – for businesses that do not have their own, in-house risk manager.  Then filter your prospects against this goal.  If the prospect does not want to invest time to go through your risk assessment process, put them on your mailing list and walk away.

Consider working with your prospects three to four months after the insurance renewal – rather than starting during the bidding process.

Develop a curiosity and a desire to understand the inner workings of your prospect’s business.  If you do not understand the business and its issues, you cannot adequately perform exposure identification.   Then start with step 1 of the Beyond Insurance Processgraphic


Your primary role is to identify risks that can pose a threat to the organization and, if they occur, will negatively impact the firm’s bottom line.  If you get caught in the bidding process, you miss the opportunity to improve your prospect’s risk profile – an essential step to establishing credibility and trusted advisor status.  Additionally, the prospect will view you as a disposable commodity – someone who is interchangeable with the next transactional salesperson who comes through the door.

The outcome of the Beyond Insurance Process includes, but is not limited to, better safety records, enhanced HR practices, improvement in employee morale, absenteeism, productivity, and lower premiums.

Which process would you choose to avoid commoditization and to differentiate yourself with prospects?