Sales Skills

Five Levels of Success – Which Level Are You On?

In a recent Beyond Insurance survey, 43% of respondents said that communicating the value of their unique risk advisory process is a top priority in 2016.  Other top priorities included improving a criteria filter to better qualify prospects and strategies to benchmark customer loyalty.

Although you may be planning to focus strategically on your process and activities directly related to it, you must be aware of a dramatic shift in customers’ buying mentality.  According to research presented in the Harvard Business Review, successful sales professionals must develop flexibility in their approach to prospective clients and rely on keen insight and superior judgment to produce results.

How can you focus on a unique message and consultative, diagnostic process while remaining agile and flexible with prospective clients?

Beyond Insurance analyzed the performance of hundreds of producers in its programs and discovered that top producers who adhere to the Beyond Insurance four-step consultative, diagnostic process build deeper client relationships, achieve 90% new business hit ratios, meet their annual production goals, and provide maximum value to their clients.

Which of the five levels of goals and process focus are you on?

  1. Chaotic. One who has no planning process to build their book of business and achieve new business goals.
  2. Developing. One who has some consistency in his or her approach to prospecting, but needs substantial work to apply it uniformly.
  3. Defined. One who uses a consultative, diagnostic process to guide business leaders toward their products, services, and solutions.
  4. Easy-to-use and defined. A professional at this level uses a well-defined, consultative, diagnostic process and builds relational capital into his or her prospective client visits.  Their process includes clearly defined steps and guidance for their prospects.
  5. Best-in-class. Rainmakers – or sales professionals with exceedingly high hit ratios and client retention – have an easy-to-use and well-defined risk management processes.  They constantly measure and improve their process, and embed it into their workflow and agency technology.

What exactly is the Beyond Insurance risk management process that best-in-class producers follow?


If you choose to implement a consultative, diagnostic process at best-in-class level 5, you’ll discover that it will enhance your ability to develop deeper client relationships, share more valuable insights, provide superior judgment and separate yourself from the competition.

In 2016, we suggest that you commit to continuous improvement in your consultative, diagnostic process.  To provide unparalleled value, develop deeper relationships, and establish a strong book of business based on loyal clients and raving-fan referrals.

Isn’t 2016 the year to take your process to the next level?