For Producers

The Four Beliefs of a Successful Producer

If you are a reluctant prospector and prefer not to ask for referrals, perhaps it’s time to review the psychology of successful producers – the agency rainmakers.  They all share the following rock-solid beliefs:

  1. Belief that there is great success to be had in the insurance industry,
  2. Belief and confidence in the carriers they work with,
  3. Belief in the agency they work for,
  4. Belief in the products, services, resources, and solutions they offer.


Do you have an unyielding belief that your carriers and agency will deliver on the promises you make? When you sit down in front of prospects, are you able to demonstrate that your approach will uncover and address the prospect’s risks and insurance appropriately?  Are you able to communicate with integrity and authority?

When a producer lacks a solid belief in one or more of the areas above, he or she is playing an uphill battle as there are missing pieces in his or her game.  A missing piece impairs confidence and credibility – ultimately impacting performance.

If you are not on top of your game, consider the following:

  1. Give yourself a wake-up call. Think about which of the four areas you’re having trouble believing in.  Then ask yourself, “How I can best fix the dilemma?”  Take corrective action and monitor.
  2. Retool your value proposition…your reason for professional existence. Your value proposition must describe how you create value for others.  It will make you stand out in a crowded marketplace.  It will enhance each of the four beliefs listed above.
  3. Stop playing the price game. Let your prospects know that a “number” is not who you are – that you deliver value in so many other ways.  If you have been trying to ignore the issue of price by sidestepping it, you’ve fallen into a commodity trap.  Get out of the trap, and differentiate yourself from your competition by delivering value in other ways.

If your confidence is eroding and your performance is not producing desired results, work on solidifying your beliefs before your next prospect meeting!

Which belief do you think is MOST important for success?