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Four Quick Ways to Repurpose Webinars to Promote You and Your Agency

As independent agencies continue to find innovative ways to capture and retain the attention of their target audience, webinars serve as one of the most potent marketing strategies today. And they can have a long “shelf life” if used effectively throughout an agency’s marketing and social media strategy. 

An easy starting point is to identify local experts who will help position your agency’s unique brand as the go-to resource in your local marketplace. 

While there are a number of additional tactics that can implemented to host a captivating webinar, below you will find four ways to repurpose your webinar content in order to maximize the replay value of your program.  These strategies will enhance your agency’s brand and reputation over time.

1. Transcribe the Webinar into Blog Posts

The value of a webinar is that it is both video and audio content.  If you use a platform like Zoom to record your webinars, you’re able to download the audio file for later use.  Consider web-based programs like to transcribe the audio file from your webinar and turn it into your next blog post.

2. Create a Podcast

Similarly, the audio can be repurposed into your own podcast.  There are a number of podcasting platforms that can help you easily get started, but Beyond Insurance recommends, the platform that hosts the Beyond Insurance Podcast, Voices of the Risk Revolution.

3. Produce Social Media Posts

Using the webinar’s video recording, you have the opportunity to cut the video file into smaller social media segments.  Most social media platforms promote video content at the top of the newsfeed, making snippets of your webinar prime content to share.  Use your favorite video editor to crop the webinar into 1-3 minute clips, giving you lots of fresh, original content.

4. Redistribute the PowerPoint to Prospects

If your webinar was based on a PowerPoint, you can upload the final presentation into a platform like SlideShare (or make it a downloadable PDF) and share the content with prospects, centers of influence, and clients who might benefit from reviewing the material at a later date.  This is a quick and easy way to build credibility through brand awareness. 

In conclusion, the power of webinars for agency marketing can go far beyond the live session itself.  Implementing tactics that help you repurpose valuable content is an easy and effective way to scale your content development and distribution practices.

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