Gain Greater Self-confidence with a Prospect Qualification Filter

Self-confidence is an attribute characterized by a belief that one can take control of his or her life and plans.  It is the belief in one’s abilities.  Confidence is the state of being certain that a chosen course of action is most effective given the circumstances. 

To be successful in the business of insurance and risk management, you must be confident.  Confident in your approach.  Confident in your communication skills.  Confident in technical knowledge.  Confident in the manner in which services are delivered.  Confident in your ability to qualify and select business development opportunities.  Learning how to be confident is the single most important life skill a producer will ever acquire.  Confidence impacts happiness, success, and well-being.  Other desired qualities use confidence as a foundation. 

Without a Prospect Qualification Filter, your confidence is on the line.  And your ability to control the outcome of the engagement is diminished.  When you gain control, you make sound judgments, create strategies, and carry them out effectively, you are strategic, not random.

Your self-confidence is at its highest peak when you have:

A Unique Process.  A differentiated strategy in the marketplace.  A competitive advantage.

Balance.  The ability to observe situations clearly so as not to be over-or under-confident. 

The ability to see Obstacles as Opportunities.

Accomplishments.  The recognition and celebration of your successes. 

Strengths.  Focus on what you do best.  Consider your unique attributes and abilities.

Relationships.  Positive relationships with others foster a sense of self-worth that contributes to your self-image.

Set Goals.   A confident person creates visions and sets goals.  Visions will allow you to see yourself at some point in the future, while goals offer a road map to reach these visions.  Goals enhance your confidence because you can measure yourself against benchmarks.

Knowing how to be confident is a matter of strategy.  Start by acknowledging your abilities and talents, avoid situations that discourage you from gaining confidence, use a Prospect Qualification Filter consistently, and seek opportunities to enhance your self-esteem.  Success breeds confidence.  Confidence breeds success. 

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