Branding & Positioning

How to Develop a Value Proposition Advantage

In order to be successful in the insurance business your value proposition advantage must be different and superior to all others.

5 Ways to Discover Your Value Proposition Advantage:


  1. Value cannot be created unless the customer has a business problem or issue to solve.
  2. Value is in the eyes of the beholder.  Each customer has a different set of needs and business issues.  Your value proposition must be customized to the specific needs of each customer.
  3. A value proposition based solely on product features, functions, performance, and pricing is not sustainable.  You may win in the short term, but you will lose when your competition introduces better capabilities.
  4. Your true value lies outside the product or service you are selling.  You can create tremendous value through the intangibles brought to bear in a relationship.
  5. To consistently win you must be able to articulate your value at the time the decision is being made.

How do you create value for your insurance business?  Your answer to this question has unparalleled implications in determining your future success. 

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