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How Do You Create Value as an Insurance Professional?

“How Do You Create Value as an Insurance Professional?”

This apparently simple question may well be the most important one you will ever be asked. 

Without a compelling value proposition you are ordinary and disposable — a commodity.  With a distinguished value proposition you are unique and indispensable.

What is a value proposition?

A value proposition statement summarizes the reason why a potential customer should buy your particular product or service, how it exceeds that of your competition, and why it is worthy of the price they must pay.

The ideal value proposition is concise and appeals to the customer’s strongest decision-making drivers.

Three ways to evaluate your value proposition:

  1. The ability to articulate how you create value.
  2. The consumers’ ability to understand and appreciate your value proposition.
  3. The degree to which your value proposition is different from others in the marketplace.

How do you create value?  Your answer to this question has unparalleled implications in determining your future success. You’ll soon discover exactly how to create a value proposition unlike anything else in the insurance industry today.