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Overcoming Phone Anxiety – an Interview with The Prospecting Expert

Beyond Insurance (BI) is happy to welcome Steve Kloyda, founder and president of the Prospecting Expert — a leading expert on transforming phone call reluctance, Steve has made more than 250,000 prospecting calls and analyzed more than 25,000 calls.

BI: Many producers are reluctant to make phone calls because of fear of rejection. What negatives or obstacles are these individuals facing? Why do they fear phone calls so much?


Steve: When we were growing up, who did our parents tell us never to talk to? Strangers! When my children were growing up I said the same thing to them, “Sarah and Joshua, don’t go anywhere with strangers. Fight, yell, scream, do whatever you have to do, but stay away from them!”

You see, we have been programmed not to talk to strangers since we were kids. Who are you calling? Strangers!

It’s no wonder why so many talented producers experience call reluctance. Even if you receive a referral from a customer or center of influence you are still calling a stranger. Now, I realize when calling a referral it is a lot easier, isn’t it? But some of us will still feel a certain amount of fear or reluctance to make the call. The bottom line is this. It’s human nature to want to feel accepted. Nobody like to be rejected.

BI: How can a producer reframe how they view rejection and turn it into a positive?


Steve: The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “What is the downside of making the call?” The prospect or customer hangs up. The prospect or customer yells at you, or the prospect or customer says no.

Have you ever had anyone reach through the phone and grab you around the neck? Hasn’t happened has it? Have you ever had anyone drive out to your office and beat you up? Hasn’t happened has it? They may threaten but they never show up, do they? There really isn’t much to the downside is there?

It’s important to shift your focus from the negatives to the positives.

BI: What are the positives from making the call?


Steve: The positives outweigh the negatives two to one. Remember this, when you give something attention you give it strength. Where is your focus? Shift your focus to all of the positive things that will happen as a result of making the call:

  1. Set an appointment
  2. Develop a new relationship
  3. Help your prospect or customer solve their problem
  4. Increase your confidence
  5. Get a referral
  6. Position yourself for a sale

BI: What are some steps or strategies a producer can take to being eliminating their phone anxiety?


Steve: Here are three steps:

  1. Preparation is a key to transform call reluctance.
  2. Making the call, over and over, is a key to transform call reluctance.
  3. Feeling the fear and running towards it are the keys to transform call reluctance.

BI: How much research should a producer do about a prospect prior to making the first phone call?


Steve: I think it is important to do research and be informed prior to making the call – it will increase your confidence. However, I have witnessed so many times that research is actually a form of call reluctance. Don’t over-prepare.

BI: As the Prospecting Expert, do you have any tools that might help a producer when preparing for or during the actual sales call?


Steve: Yes, here are three (click on any of the below for more information):

BI: Do you have any final pieces of advice or thoughts about alleviating call reluctance?


Steve: This quote from my favorite book How I Raised Myself from Failure To Success by Frank Bettger says it all:

“You can’t collect your commission until you make the sale; You can’t make the sale, ’til you write the order; You can’t write the order, ’til you have an interview; And you can’t have an interview ’til you make the call!”

Go make the call!


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