The Power of Persuasion: Finding Your Persuasive Quotient

Whether you want to admit it or not, people persuade you, and you persuade others on a daily basis.  In the workplace, for example, the power of persuasion enables you to argue for or against ideas, decisions, and actions that have a material impact on you and your customers. 

How persuasive are you?  Take this short quiz to find determine your Persuasive Quotient.

Please answer the following questions 


A score of over 65 is suspect. Either you have a tendency to over-rate yourself or you are a truly gifted at influence and persuasion.

A score of 58-64 reflects self-presence and positive influence. Target specific areas to improve.

A score of 50-57 is average. There is ample opportunity for growth.

Below 50 suggests a strong need to improve.


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