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Put Your Clients First and the Money Will Follow

A few months ago, Bob, a Beyond Insurance Changing the Game…to Create Home Field Advantage workshop attendee, openly admitted that he was taking the workshop to learn the secrets to “increase his income 10 times in 10 years.” As an agency principal, he desperately wanted some quick tips that would make him a multi-millionaire.

When he learned that two of the secrets were servant leadership and transforming himself into a diagnostic, consultative trusted risk advisor, he shook his head and said, “That doesn’t make sense.  I’m a hunter, not a farmer.  How can I make big money if I am not ‘shooting to kill’ every day?”

His annual income was $300,000. However, his target was to reach $3 million.  During the workshop, he accepted a challenge to carefully evaluate his way of doing business … to explore ways of repositioning and repackaging himself with the goal of putting his clients first.

He was asked to implement these seven techniques:

  1. Create a unique diagnostic process to differentiate himself in the marketplace.
  1. Reformulate his value proposition… his professional reason for existence. Light bulbs went off when Bob realized that his unique message needed to be centered on helping his clients solve their problems… not his.
  1. Design and deliver a relationship management system to enhance customer intimacy, loyalty, and engagement.
  1. Implement a risk management service plan for each key client. The plan would serve as the blueprint for the achievement of specific goals and hold Bob and his clients mutually accountable for time-sensitive commitments.
  1. Deliver stewardship reviews on key clients at the 6-month point of the policy year to confirm that his services and resources were properly aligned with his clients’ expectations.
  1. Create newsletters, e-newsletters, and educational forums so his customers would gain enhanced knowledge about risk issues facing their businesses and families.
  1. Benchmark the customer experience with the goal of understanding why customers return, why they defect, why they buy, and what they say about Bob’s firm.

Bob now believes it, lives it, and has created a culture around being a consultative trusted risk advisor.  Most importantly, he now knows how to put his clients first.  He is also well on his way to his $3 million goal through increased customer referrals, cross sell opportunities, a more loyal customer base, and, of course, his larger book of business!

What are some ways you’ve put your clients first?  Let us know in the comments section below: