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Putting Your Goal Setting Plan into Action

As referenced in last week’s blog, the 90-Day Sprint will yield immediate results and set you up for success in the New Year. Here’s what the Beyond Insurance team has put into practice to help us realize our goals as an organization.

The 3-Month Action Plan

To grow more confident and create tangible results, the Beyond Insurance team has made it a habit to create 90-day action plans.  When we focus on a three-month segment, we gain instant clarity about my visions and make distinct progress toward my goals.  The process of developing a new action plan every three months also enables me to pause, reflect, connect and re-energize on a regular basis. 

Why 90 days?  Beyond Insurance has discovered that many well-intentioned professionals set annual goals, yet, don’t begin working in earnest until it is too late.  In other words, they procrastinate.

Your 90-day action plan will remove procrastination from the equation.  It will give you a set goal with a time limit that will cause you to take action today. 

Additionally, there is a psychological lift when you set a 90-day goal because it provides you with a horizon – a tangible line in the future that you can “see.”  It is short enough for you to imagine how it could impact your “today,” but far enough in the future for you to have time to achieve it. 

How to Start

Begin by determining your 90-day sprint period. Start next week, next month, the first day of the next quarter. 

Make certain you have written your goals down on your 90-day action plan.  Then, share your plan with your spouse, manager, and team members.  A study done at Dominican University shows empirical evidence for achieving goals in three ways:  accountability, commitment, and writing goals down.

  1. By committing your goals to paper, you vastly increase your chances of achieving them. A group who wrote their goals down were almost 50% more likely to achieve them than a group who only thought about the goals they wanted to achieve.
  2. People who make a commitment to a friend or peer to attain them are 64% more likely to actualize their goals.  By making a public commitment, you will accomplish your goals more often than those who never share them.
  3. People who provide progress reports are 76% more likely to achieve them.  The positive effect of accountability was supported by the study.  People who send weekly progress reports accomplish significantly more than those who do not.

Next, go back and review your goals.  Ask yourself about each one:  “What can I accomplish during the next 90 days that will move me closer to my vision of future success?”  Aim to lift yourself and your expectations.  Your confidence will grow exponentially. 

Next, ask yourself, how would my spouse, manager, and team react if I were to achieve these goals during the next 90 days?  If you are unsure, ask them.  They’ll give you feedback that will help you hone and sharpen your goals even before you begin working on them.

Starting Your Sprint

Once you have your 90-day goals, follow three steps every working day for the next three months:

  1. Prioritize your goals.  List your goals on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being most significant to you at this point in time – the one that will give you the highest return on your investment of time,  and 1, meaning it is not a priority right now. 
  2. Re-read your goals.  Ask yourself, “Upon further reflection, how important is the goal?”  At this point, you may want to tweak the goal and aim a little higher.  Push yourself to stretch as high as you can go. 
  3. Choose a high-priority goal for the first day of your 90-day sprint – make it the one with a huge ROI.  Schedule it first thing in the morning.  Commit to it as an appointment you cannot break. 

At the end of 90 days, you’ll have accomplished an amazing amount and grown in so many ways.  You will also realize that you can continue to stretch farther and do more.  You will start expecting more of yourself and feel immensely more confident in your abilities.

The 90-day sprint is not only a proven concept, but also a change in mindset.  After you conquer the first 90-day sprint, do the next one.  You’ll find that you’re gaining traction.  And you’ll discover that you’re shooting higher and more accurately!

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