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Ready or Not, Social Selling is Upon Us

You must adapt to a different mindset - far beyond traditional transactional selling - in preparing for, engaging with, and following up with clients, prospects, and carriers. This starts by breaking down any artificial barriers that exist when selling in a virtual setting and by heightening your digital sales skills to engage and personalize interactions.

Bottom line: You must create a more engaging and connected customer experience.

We are all connected like never before. Change is the name of the game right now, and agents and brokers who can be flexible and sensitive to prospect and client needs are likely to find an exciting new way forward.

It is for that reason that mastering social selling is essential. Today, your success in the business of insurance and risk management is dependent upon your desire and ability to play on your clients' and prospects' turf.  Simply put, you must be able to meet your ideal clients where their interests lie -- within the social media world.

The better you become at social selling, the stronger your brand and influence in the marketplace will grow. And the more your brand grows, the more your tribe of loyal followers will increase - your clients, prospects, carriers, and centers of influence. 

The following assessment will help you understand where you are now and determine how you can improve your influence online using social media.

Social Media Influencer Self-Assessment

chart 1

chart 2


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