Sales Skills

The Right Sequence to Get Your Prospects’ Attention

Beyond Insurance recently received the following email:

It seems like all my competitors claim to have the best products and carriers, however, getting across to business owners that our agency has something unique is really challenging.  Our agency truly does offer something exceptional – a risk management service plan.  With a plan like this, you’d think people would be jumping on board – but that’s not so.  I am only capturing about 30% of the opportunities I have.

Please help!



PuzzleJenna had the right message, but it was out of sequence.  Here’s how Beyond Insurance responded:

  1. Deliver What Your Audience WANTS

Jenna, your statement is valid — your agency truly does have something unique to offer:  a risk management service plan focused on risk profile improvement.  But you’ve been dumping information before building your relationship!

You’re trying so hard to get people to pay attention to you.  But they won’t pay attention until you listen, learn, and deliver something THEY want – a discovery process focused on their goals, dreams, and aspirations.  You need to discover what they care about before you tell them how special you are.

  1. Change your Sequence – Do Your Own “Due Diligence” First

Before you reach out to the prospect for the first time, determine what problems he or she might be dealing with.  Remember, the incumbent already has most of this information – you need to gain an understanding of it, as well, if you want to be relevant.

Ask yourself these questions before a prospect visit:

  1. What risk issues are this prospect struggling with?
  2. What is the impact of these issues? What sort of pain do these types of issues cause?
  3. How best should I address them? Why do they exist in the first place?
  4. How will my capabilities including the risk management service plan help solve or fix these issues?
  5. Do I know of any existing clients facing similar issues so I can provide examples of how others have benefitted from my unique process?

When you research your prospect’s potential issues before you ever talk to him or her, you’ll stand out in the marketplace and be more in demand.

  1. Deliver Your Message as the Final Step

When you have your first meeting, create a setting to allow your prospect to speak about his or her goals, future vision of success as well as what’s keeping him or her awake at night!

Once you’ve listened, you can deliver your value proposition…your unique message that separates you from the competition.  Because you’ve already researched potential issues, you can give your prospect a solid reason to listen to what you have to say.  At this point, communicate how your risk management service plan will positively impact the prospect’s business performance.

When you perform “due diligence” before your first visit, focus on the prospect in the initial meeting, and address your prospect’s areas of pain, you position yourself as a strategic advisor who has the best interests of the prospect at heart.  You will gain much more enjoyment out of the business and capture many more opportunities.

Jenna, if you follow this sequence, your prospects will pay attention!  What sequence do you follow?