For Producers

Sam’s Story: Living the Dream

Sam is a 37-year-old producer who is having the time of his life.  He never cold calls, has an excellent work/life balance, and rarely has outside competition on key accounts.  He is actively involved in his community and is viewed as a respected professional advisor.  There is rarely a week that goes by that Sam does not get a qualified new business lead from an enthusiastic client or center of influence.  He developed $350,000 of new business revenue last year and expects to produce in excess of $400,000 this year.  Sam is “living the dream” with his family and friends. 

Beyond Insurance met with Sam to discover his recipe for success. When asked, “what fuels your amazing results?”, Sam sheepishly smiled and gave a two-word answer, “My network.” 

When Sam entered the insurance industry in his mid-20s, he quickly learned that it would be impossible to achieve his goals on his own.  He understood the benefits of a network comprised of supportive family, friends, and clients.

“I don’t come from money.  I was not a rich kid with loads of contacts.  As a youngster, I caddied at the local country club.  In carrying the bags for successful business leaders, I came to learn of the power of relationships and connections,” said Sam.  “When you help others, they want to return the favor.  Reciprocity is one of my guiding principles.” 

Sam utilizes a differentiated customer acquisition process - a network of clients, family, and friends who continue to shape his life.  While the vast majority of producers waste time cold calling to breathe life into old leads, Sam spends his time connecting with old and new relationships.  Sam has a goal of developing one new relationship each week.  His network continues to grow exponentially.  His network allows him to acquire precise and timely information about opportunities and positioning with decision-makers.

Learning how to connect is one of the most important skills you will ever learn.  Effective networking is not about serving yourself.  Rather, it’s about finding ways to make other people more successful.  Successful producers understand that real networking is about generosity, not greed.  It is about giving before you receive.  Learning how to help others succeed is the key ingredient in Sam’s networking process. 

The relationship you develop with your network is an expression of who you are and what you have to offer.  Nothing else compares.  A warm relationship combined with your unique process allows you to achieve success - just like Sam - and to “live your dream!”