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Strong Relationships Boost Success

Your ability to build deep, long-lasting relationships is the key ingredient to success in your business.

Relationships just don’t happen. They evolve over time. Successful people in business understand that relationship building is more like “farming” than “hunting”. Quality relationships are rarely pursued and captured. Rather, relationships are rooted in rich soil consisting of a blend of mutual trust, respect and shared values. When fully grown, relationships produce bonds and connections that enhance both parties’ opportunity to succeed.

Research indicates that 88% of executives view the strength of client relationships as the primary reason revenue goals are achieved. Mutual trust and respect are at the heart of these relationships.

Mutual trust is the shared belief that one can depend upon another person. Trust grows out of confidence in another person’s honesty, integrity and desire to serve. Respect is the outgrowth of trust.

Throughout my career, I have worked with countless individuals who have had some form of impact on not only my professional life but my personal life as well.  It has been these relationships that have given me a meaningful career.

Your credibility, integrity and authenticity represent the foundation upon which you are able to build relationships in today’s business world.

relational capitalThere are three main traits that I look for when developing a relationship — credibility, integrity and authenticity.

  • Credibility is the quality that makes others believe in you, your words and actions. Credibility is the outgrowth of your professional competence.
  • Integrity is being trustworthy in actions and character. It is the quality of having honest and truthful motivations.
  • Authenticity is the quality of being genuine. It is about being who you are.

With worthy intent as your guiding principle, credibility, integrity and authenticity are easily recognized and valued by clients, prospects and centers of influence. Relationships are your benchmark to a meaningful career!

Future blog posts will feature the wisdom and relational capital of members of the AIC Team as well as thought leaders who support AIC’s mission.  The next blog post will feature an article from Matt O’Neill, AIC’s Director of Creativity.

–Scott Addis

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