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Take Networking and Collaboration to New Levels with Two Cool Tech Tools!

Collaboration tools facilitate and enhance effective communication among team members and with customers.  These tools also help generate possible alternative solutions to problems and build consensus among the team.

The following two tech tools make it easier to work more efficiently and productively:

  1. Evernote. It’s time to rethink meetings! Evernote is the ideal note-taking tool to use in client meetings, everyday status checks, and team discussions.  Its note-taking features work seamlessly on your laptop, phone, or tablet.  You can write short lists, conduct lengthy research, clip web articles, and snap pictures of whiteboards or handwritten documents.  Evernote stores it all in one location that you can access anywhere, anytime.  If you want to present any of your work, it converts your notes into a visual layout that you can instantly share, eliminating the need for creating a time-consuming slide presentation.
  2. GaggleAmp. GaggleAmp lets you leverage employees, associates, partners, customers, and centers of influence  – anyone who has an affinity for your firm – to share your social media messages.  Once you have crafted a tweet, post, or message, your team can distribute them to their social networks.  Simply determine who will create your social media message or content, then upload their tweet or post to GaggleAmp.  Create a Gaggle (your network of employees, associates, partners, customers and centers of influence) who can distribute the messages, and let them share with their networks. GaggleAmp includes analytics so you can see how your messages are performing on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    Imagine how happy your staff will be to have tweets pre-created for them to use!  GaggleAmp takes the stress out of social media, turns your stakeholders in to your online marketing team, and gives you the analytics to monitor the results.

What apps and tools have you discovered that enhance collaboration?

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