Sales Skills

The Ten Skills of the Trusted Advisor

The term Trusted Advisor is used frequently as a means to create a “vision of perfection” within the service industry.  Let’s take a closer look at the words:

Trust represents reliance on your integrity, strength and ability…a confident expectation of something good.

You become an Advisor when you have deep knowledge and wisdom in a specific area of expertise.

Status occurs when you have been conferred favorable standing which grants you responsibility, privilege and esteem.

While there are many attributes of a Trusted Advisor, I suggest the following top ten list…

  1.  Communicate the invisible.
  2.  Listen intently to your client’s issues
  3.  Design creative and responsive solutions
  4.  Communicate superbly with your clients and team members
  5.  Outline the pros and cons of options in a way that becomes the client’s direction
  6.  Seek ways to improve greater value for those whom you serve.
  7.  Gain intense knowledge of your clients’ environment
  8.  Display technical knowledge and skills
  9.  Bring a rich portfolio of practical experiences, relationships and an understanding of business dynamics and market trends
  10. Understand the big picture