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There’s an App for That

Applications, or “apps” as they are more commonly known in the Smartphone world, are not just for playing games and uploading pictures. Downloading and utilizing these innovative apps can increase your productivity, improve your work/life balance, enhance your value proposition and prospecting strategies, and even help build your referral network.

Here is a list of smart apps I recommend you consider downloading:

Productivity on the road:

log me inLogMeIn – Stay connected while you are out of the office by remote accessing your computer. Whether you are at a prospect meeting and forgot a document or just want to login from home, this app really comes in handy. One of the best parts, it’s free! You will want to check with your agency’s IT department prior to download to ensure you stay within your security guidelines.

drop boxDropBox – Designed for both iPhones and iPads, this free service allows you to easily bring documents, videos and photos wherever you go. After installing DropBox on your PC, any file placed in the DropBox folder will automatically save to all your devices (including their website for backup).

Work/Life Balance:

trip itTripIt – Keep all your travel plans organized – no more wasting time searching through your inbox for your confirmation itineraries. Whenever you receive an email confirmation for travel, forward it to; the app will update automatically. While this app is free, TripIt does offer a “pro” addition for $49 which will monitor airfare pricing and send you status alerts while you are traveling.

daily routineDaily Routine –Most time efficient people create a plan and stick to it. This app integrates DropBox as well as your calendars to manage your time resourcefully. You will notice that you are taking less designated breaks at work and getting burned out! Schedule time in this app and it’ll remind you to give yourself a time out. Do you need to share your schedule with someone else? The app can turn your routine into a PDF to email out to your co-workers.  To truly obtain work/life balance, always remember to make room in your life to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing!

Value Proposition & Prospecting Strategies:

iTalk RecorderiTalk Recorder –  Practice makes perfect! Your ability to clearly articulate your value proposition will separate you from the pack and elevate your performance. This easy to use app also allows you to record and playback notes from meetings, presentations, and most importantly, helps you practice your unique message!

the prospecting expertThe Prospecting Expert – Prospecting is the foundation for all successful producers.   Steve Kloyda, an industry expert in prospecting, shares valuable insight through his blog, interactive videos, and podcasts. For more information on the Prospecting Expert, check out Steve’s website.

 Referral Network:

bump app Bump – You may have heard of this app before but always wondered how it worked.  Each user opens the app on his or her phone and literally “bump” phones (or other mobile devices) together to share contact information.

It is one of the most popular apps mobile carriers offer. With over a billion downloads, you’ll have no shortage of finding others with this app!

linkedin appLinkedIn – Connect with someone you met at a meeting or event before you even get back to the office. We are all guilty of grabbing someone’s business card and never entering it into our contact management system. This app allows the same search capabilities of the full site and while helping you keep more up-to-date with industry news and events.

Today, SmartPhones can do just about everything a computer or laptop can, mainly because of applications like these.

Which apps do you use in your professional life? Share in the comment section below.

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