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They like me. They really like me!

Any active LinkedIn user knows and understands the importance of receiving recommendations on their personal page. However, the power of endorsements on Company pages is often underutilized. Your Company page allows your agency to stand out in a crowded marketplace and tell your unique story. And unlike your corporate website, it provides a forum to interact with clients and prospects on a day to day basis. Most importantly, it lets you highlight your key services and provides a platform for endorsements of your offerings.

While most agencies have a specific number of stagnant testimonials recycling through their websites at any given time, LinkedIn provides a great opportunity for real time, relevant credible endorsements from actual clients.

Here are some tips when asking for and managing your Company page’s endorsements:

  • Make it complete. After you have created your Company page, be sure to add the Products/Services tab. This is where you can highlight your offerings and request your raving fans to provide an endorsement. You can also use this as marketing space for events or seminars your agency puts on throughout the year. Showcasing your vast array of services accompanied by testimonials is a resourceful use of free advertising. Here is a resource guide from LinkedIn on how to fully maximize the Products/Services section.
  • ExchangeGive and you shall receive. The more engaged you are with your followers, the more inclined they will be to provide you with an endorsement. As with most social networking outlets, benefits are maximized when you are actively interacting and providing relevant content with your clients. Your Company page offers a vehicle to deliver pertinent industry news, announce new additions to your staff, and remind customers of the services you provide best.
  • It’s not a fad. LinkedIn is here to stay. According to Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics and the visionary behind the web series “Social Media Revolution,” two new users join LinkedIn every second, every day. The latest edition of the Social Media Revolution web series reminds us that the ROI on investing time and money in social media platforms now is that your business will still exist in 5 years.  Recognizing and capitalizing on the fact that most prospects are going to “Google” you before they interact with your agency provides you with a leg up on the competition. And where do you want these potential clients to find you? On your Company LinkedIn page, where your existing fans are raving about you!

Having an active Company page on LinkedIn can serve as a powerful marketing tactic when presenting to prospective clients. 

What are some ways you use your Company page?

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