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Three Ways to Nurture Your Prospects

“Lead nurturing” is about building relationships with your leads, through consistent, relevant, and timely communication.

At the earliest stages of prospecting, getting a potential client to request more information or agree to set up a meeting is a good start.  During your initial meeting, your goal is to learn about your prospect’s business and his or her risk issues, and to pique interest in your unique process.

So how do you move the relationship forward?  If lead nurturing is the extension of the conversation you started in your initial meeting, what content or information can you now share to advance the first encounter?  Because it usually takes multiple “touches” (contacts) to convert a prospect into a client, try these three lead-nurturing steps:

  1. Email. Thank the prospect for spending time with you.  Include relevant information based on what you learned about your prospect’s issues and concerns, business goals, long-term objectives, and pain points – give him or her a clear set of relevant solutions that will positively impact the organization and accomplish more than the competition or incumbent could.  Be sure to provide relevant information based on where your prospect is in your sales funnel. If they are an early-stage prospect and just beginning to familiarize themselves with the solutions you provide, don’t send them the same materials that you would to someone who is on the verge of committing to you.
  2. Phone calls. Phone calls provide a human touch and are an excellent opportunity to do additional discovery.  A phone conversation serves as a way to build a connection, but only if the call is welcome and provides information the prospect is most interested in learning.  Call your prospect when you are certain you can deliver relevant value, answer a question, or schedule the next meeting.  Remember, your job is to put your prospect at ease – you never want to seem pushy or abrasive.   Hate talking on the phone?  Check out the sound advice we received from prospecting expert, Steve Kloyda, on Overcoming Phone Anxiety.
  3. LinkedIn. Connect with your prospect through LinkedIn.  Social media provides a relaxed informal atmosphere to connect, offer a free white-paper download or, offer an extra seat to a topical webinar.  Make sure you post updates regularly on your LinkedIn profile. Convirza’s research suggests that LinkedIn is the most effective, powerful lead nurturing tool available today.

Lead nurturing is a journey – not a destination.  It’s about continuing the conversation and making it easy to stay in contact with you.  If you are responsive, knowledgeable, and attentive to your prospects’ problems and concerns, as well as easy to work with, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your prospects turn into clients.

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