Sales Skills

Why “Wow”?

I was once out to a restaurant eating with some friends. It was a really informal thing; we had all just been in the right place at the right time. I had ordered a cheese burger but asked if they could put a specific dressing on it for me rather than the typical ketchup and mustard. A few moments later the manager explained that they did not have the dressing. So before I could mention that it was perfectly fine, the waitress came back to the table and placed that bottle on the table. She actually left the restaurant ran across the street to the grocery store and bought it for my specific cheese burger! It was a kind gesture that had me talking for weeks!

If you have ever been to a theater to watch a show, you know that feeling you get when it ends and you are left breathless. Theater is an art, and art is subjective. So how can so many shows keep so many different people, with different tastes, entertained? They know how provide the wow factor. Your business is a show, it’s a group of people who all perform a set of tasks together in order to please your audience, the clients. The goal of any business is to increase revenue while retaining customers. Think about your company’s wow. What is it? Do you even have one? I’m not talking about that unique service you offer, I want to know what is it that makes your customers leave with the idea that they want to tell their friends about you.

The key to taking any show from good to great is the WOW…in this case you are the show and the client is the audience.

Let’s build a few lists to begin strategizing your wow factor options:

  • List some common industry products or services
  • List your agency’s unique products and services
  • List what your customers have grown to expect

customer serviceEach of these lists will at least give you the ground work for where you can go. Think about each of the products you offer on both of the first two lists. These are vital because your wow factor can come from either of these. If your clients expect a specific action, maybe it’s time to change that perception by doing something positive that they wouldn’t expect. Think of how you can wow your clients from the products and services you provide. And like in my story above, it might be cheaper than you think. In the case above, it only cost two or three dollars to bring about my commitment to become a repeat customer. Not to mention the amount of referrals they received from the story told by me and my friends. Remember that sometimes the golden rule of treating others as you would want to be treated may go a long way with wowing your audience.

In what ways have you left your clients feeling “wowed”?