The Sales Accelerators

The Sales Accelerators are online, self-paced skill development modules containing tools, tactics, strategies, and solutions to enhance your success in the business of insurance and risk management. The Sales Accelerators will empower you to maximize your unrealized potential to achieve higher levels of success. Each Sales Accelerator is customized and supported by a Producer Growth Assessment.


The Sales Accelerators are necessary disciplines to achieve success in today's competitive environment.

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Sample Courses

Your New Business Hit Ratio

Master Coach

Scott Addis developed over $100 million dollars of premiums with a 95% hit ratio using a prospect qualification matrix. In this module, Beyond Insurance will share this process with you. You will learn how to screen out commodity shoppers and protect yourself from the 90-day insurance blitz. What’s more, you’ll discover how you can achieve a 90% or better new business hit ratio. 

Prospect Research & Qualification

Master Coach

High performing sales professionals boast a disciplined and energized prospect research and qualification system. In this module, you will learn how to keep your sales funnel full of qualified prospects by employing best-practice, proven and repeatable prospecting strategies. Your confidence and credibility will grow exponentially as you design your system. 

Mastering Your Value Proposition

Master Coach

Earning an appointment to discuss business opportunities with a prospect is becoming increasingly difficult. It requires an ability to motivate the prospect to want to meet and learn more. In this module, you will develop a personal value proposition that draws a laser-like focus to the value you provide and gets your client or prospect excited about what your solutions can do to improve their lives and business. 

Building Your Referral Network

Master Coach

Creating a community of raving fans who you can call upon to help you build your business requires strategy and discipline. It is a process that successful producers make part of their day-to-day activities. In this module, you will design a plan to expand your referral network and set a game plan to ensure its success. 

Added Value Through Cross Selling

Master Coach

Cross-selling is a crucial, if not essential, account development strategy. Adding value doesn’t stop when you write a piece of business. In this module, you will learn how to identify cross-selling opportunities and how to have a solutions-based discussion with your customer to uncover unmet needs that can be addressed with your products and services. 

Visioning & Goal Setting

Master Coach

Using the exclusive Performance Map 365 goal setting system, you will set your personal vision, design goals to achieve it and benchmark your progress. You will acquire techniques to break through frustrations and roadblocks as you benefit from better work-life balance, enhanced financial success and greater enjoyment in your career and personal life. 

30/30 With Beyond Insurance!

Master Coach

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