Organic Growth Assessment

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    Welcome to the Organic Growth Assessment!

    The Organic Growth Assessment is a 20-question survey. Since 2007, Beyond Insurance has administered the Organic Growth Assessment to thousands of growth-minded insurance and risk management professionals. The research and first-hand experience of Beyond Insurance indicates that the mastery of seven disciplines have a direct correlation on organic growth.

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    Question 1

    Our agency's reputation and brand differs significantly from other agents and brokers in our marketplace.

    Question 2

    We have an active network of clients and centers of influence who create a steady flow of qualified referrals.

    Question 3

    Our sales process is consultative and diagnostic rather than product focused.

    Question 4

    Our sales process protects us from getting caught in the “commodity trap” – the 90 day insurance blitz.

    Question 5

    We have a cumulative new business “hit ratio” in excess of 80%.

    Question 6

    Insurance carriers consistently give my firm preferred treatment as a result of our relationship and their confidence in our business model, systems and growth strategies.

    Question 7

    We have a disciplined relationship management system to enhance our position with our key stakeholders – clients, prospects, centers of influence, staff & families, carriers and community.

    Question 8

    We have a process in place to measure and benchmark customer, intimacy, appreciation and loyalty.

    Question 9

    We have a disciplined, strategic, results-oriented cross selling system.

    Question 10

    The actions and behaviors of our sales team reflect our corporate culture.

    Question 11

    We have the ability to attract and develop high quality sales talent to drive business development success.

    Question 12

    Our agency provides skill development, tools and tactics that differentiate our sales professionals from others in our marketplace.

    Question 13

    We confirm that each sales professional has a prospecting strategy map that includes an ideal client profile and pipeline management plan.

    Question 14

    Our agency sets sales performance expectations, accountability standards, and closely monitors activities and results.

    Question 15

    We have a disciplined, strategic, energized prospect research and qualification system.

    Question 16

    Our prospect research and qualification system creates a steady flow of qualified new business opportunities.

    Question 17

    Our prospect research and qualification system screens out commodity shoppers.

    Question 18

    We have a cumulative book of business “loss ratio” under 40%. 

    Question 19

    Our staff is enthusiastic and energized by our business model, systems and growth strategies.

    Question 20

    Our clients view us as Trusted Business Advisors rather than commodity driven salespersons.