Producer Growth Assessment

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Welcome to the Beyond Insurance Producer Growth Assessment!

The Producer Growth Assessment is a 34-question assessment of how well you are currently performing relative to your potential as a producer.

Once you've completed the assessment, you will receive a customized report that provides practical steps you can take to reach your peak performance. 

Let's begin. In order for us to customize your assessment experience, tell us a little about yourself.

Question 1

My reputation and brand differ significantly from other agents and brokers in my marketplace.

Question 2

My value proposition statement is clear, concise, and compelling.

Question 3

The points of differentiations in my message are important and valued by the customer. 

Question 4

I have a unique process that distinguishes me in the marketplace. 

Question 5

I have a disciplined goal-setting system including a strategy to benchmark progress.

Question 6

I am skilled at designing and executing weekly plans.

Question 7

I am focused and clear about my future vision of success – personally and professionally.

Question 8

I have a disciplined, strategic and energized prospect research and qualification system. 

Question 9

My prospect pipeline is consistently full of qualified new business opportunities.

Question 10

My prospect research and qualification system solicits input from supportive clients, influencers, and carriers.

Question 11

My prospecting system creates a steady flow of qualified referrals. 

Question 12

My prospect qualification system is able to screen out commodity shoppers.

Question 13

I benefit from a disciplined, strategic, and results oriented cross-sell system.

Question 14

I have a process in place to measure and benchmark customer intimacy, appreciation, and loyalty. 

Question 15

I have a cumulative new business “hit ratio” of 80% or better.

Question 16

I never offer “apples to apples” proposals for prospective clients.

Question 17

I utilize a consultative and diagnostic discovery process to uncover issues facing my prospects and clients.

Question 18

I possess the art of listening. I have mastered the art of active listening.

Question 19

I have a unique ability to connect with people and nurture relationships.

Question 20

I have an active network of clients and centers of influence who create a steady flow of referrals.

Question 21

I stay connected with members of my network through a relationship management system.

Question 22

I know who the super connectors are in my community.

Question 23

I have a priority management system that enhances my efficiency in the workplace.

Question 24

My healthy work/life balance allows me to enjoy hobbies, family and friends.

Question 25

I am able to effectively deal with the stress of my job.

Question 26

I possess the ability to persuade others towards the adoption of ideas, attitudes, decisions and actions.

Question 27

My negotiation skills consistently allow me to resolve points of difference and craft positive outcomes.

Question 28

My ability to effectively persuade and negotiate positively impacting my sales goals.

Question 29

I have a disciplined and responsive strategy map that encompasses each stage of the sales cycle.

Question 30

My ideal client profile and pipeline management plan creates a steady flow of qualified opportunities.

Question 31

I consistently rehearse, practice and videotape my phone and first meeting prospect interviews.

Question 32

I have the tools to develop and execute a social media marketing strategy.

Question 33

I effectively and actively utilize digital platforms to engage with prospective clients.

Question 34

I make it a priority to consistently enhance the impression of my digital brand.