Suzette Fraire

Client Relations Coordinator

Suzette helps oversee all client relationships and ensures positive engagement and interaction across Beyond Insurance and the Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN). To add value to their customer experience journey, she works diligently to understand our customers inside and out. She demonstrates a strong work ethic and always shows respect, enthusiasm, and empathy for clients and colleagues.

She supports the Beyond Insurance team by making recommendations to improve innovation, performance, efficiency, and efficacy based on stewardship reviews, surveys, and customer feedback. Suzette also collaborates with the Beyond Insurance team to create attractive, compelling, and informative social media and video campaigns and to update and maintain BIGN membership materials. Additionally, she assists with event planning and helps select venues, determine costs, arrange event services, and monitor client approval.

Suzette has more than five years of customer engagement and support experience, and is bilingual in Spanish and English. Based in Longmont, Colorado, she holds an associate’s degree in interior design from Front Range Community College and has earned two certifications in design.

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