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Our Solutions

Results oriented programs that make distinctive, lasting, and measurable improvements in mindset, performance and customer engagement. 

The core business of Beyond Insurance is helping individuals and organizations develop so they may capture unrealized potential.


The Sales Accelerators

The Sales Accelerator™ modules are designed for sales professionals who want to enhance their confidence, credibility and skills to develop a book of business that serves as a growth engine for their personal prosperity. This is a self-paced, virtual skill enhancement program that will elevate you to the next level of success.

  • Vision & Goal-Setting
  • Prospect Research & Qualification
  • Your New Business Hit Ratio
  • Mastering Your Value Proposition
  • Building Your Referral Network
  • Added Value Through Cross Selling

Visioning & Goal Setting

Master Coach

Using the exclusive Performance Map 365 goal setting system, you will set your personal vision, design goals to achieve it and benchmark your progress. You will acquire techniques to break through frustrations and roadblocks as you benefit from better work-life balance, enhanced financial success and greater enjoyment in your career and personal life. 

Mastering Your Value Proposition

Master Coach

Earning an appointment to discuss business opportunities with a prospect is becoming increasingly difficult. It requires an ability to motivate the prospect to want to meet and learn more. In this module, you will develop a personal value proposition that draws a laser-like focus to the value you provide and gets your client or prospect excited about what your solutions can do to improve their lives and business. 

Your New Business Hit Ratio

Master Coach

Scott Addis developed over $100 million dollars of premiums with a 95% hit ratio using a prospect qualification matrix. In this module, Beyond Insurance will share this process with you. You will learn how to screen out commodity shoppers and protect yourself from the 90-day insurance blitz. What’s more, you’ll discover how you can achieve a 90% or better new business hit ratio. 

On-Site Training and Coaching

Personalized sessions that boost performance

From diagnostic, consultative sales training to leadership training and cultural transformation, our suite of training programs is available on-site for agencies, brokerages, and carriers.

  • Carrier Training
  • Workshops
  • Agent Training

Trusted Risk Advisor Program

Diagnostic, Consultative, Process-Oriented

The Trusted Risk Advisor certification differentiates you with clients, prospects, carriers, centers of influence, and in your community through the utilization of an enterprise risk management framework supported by skills, tools and tactics.  

  • Certification Sessions

Beyond Insurance Toolkit

Assessments for Every Role

For Agency Leaders

Learn how you can empower your agency to go to the next level with an increase in organic growth supported by six best practice disciplines.

For Sales Leaders

Find out if you have what it takes to positively impact the sales culture within your organization to shape, guide and mold business development success.

For Producers

Take the Producer Growth Assessment and discover how you can capture your Unrealized Growth Potential (UGP)  through 10 proven disciplines.

Training, Coaching and Mentoring Testimonials


John Mann

Coverage, Inc.

The Beyond Insurance program was a career changing experience. The approach is a way out of the insurance bidding cycle that wears us all down. I now have a plan to win on my terms.


Robert Truckor

First Insurance Group

The Great Escape was the first seminar that I ever attended that helped me differentiate myself from other producers. In the month following the program, I closed 100% of my accounts and produced nearly $25,000 in agency commissions.


Ralph Whitehurst

Triangle Risk Advisors

As a result of the Trusted Risk Advisor (TRA) program, I performed confidential employee interviews with an existing account who was experiencing a rash of injuries. I learned more in two 1 hour sessions from the four employees than I had over the last 15 years working with them.