Beyond Insurance Global Network

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The Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN) is a select group of independent agencies in two continents with over 2,000 employees and premiums over $2 billion. These passionate, growth-minded firms embrace the Beyond Insurance process, tools and tactics so they may serve their clients as valued, trusted risk advisors.

The Beyond Insurance Global Network


  • Access exclusive, diagnostic, tools, technology and a process to differentiate your agency.
  • Shift the mindset of the consumer from product to process.
  • Enhance the customer and underwriting experience by serving as Trusted Risk Advisors.
  • Share best practices with a community of international thought-leaders.
Partners Nationwide
Higher Client Satisfaction Rate
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Largest Insurance Network in the U.S.

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Improve processes

BIGN Partners are passionate about process, process thinking and process improvement. 

Tools & Tactics

BIGN Partners effectively utilize proprietary tools and tactics to deliver a differentiated, unparalleled experience.


Geographically-protected territories allow BIGN partners to openly share innovations and best practices in total confidence.

Purpose & Passion

BIGN Partners know why they exist. Their WHY is their clients' risks and uncertainties supported by a process to deal with them. 

Process Thinking and Process Improvement

A Growth Mindset

The Beyond Insurance Global Network helps agencies develop growth mindsets so they may capture unrealized potential. So how do we accomplish this? Through process thinking and process improvement. Process thinking is always our starting point as it involves helping our network members visualize the outcomes and rewards of process improvement. By identifying and improving upon existing processes within an organization, BIGN Partners are able to realize their full potential.

Embracing the Beyond Insurance Process

The Importance of the BIGN

Beyond Insurance supports each agency with rigorous training and applicable tools, tactics, and solutions to support a growth mindset. The underwriting community continues to respond with preferred treatment as the Beyond Insurance Process greatly clarifies risk acceptance and pricing decisions because of risk profile improvement. Simply put, the process offers a more in-depth understanding of an insured's operations and exposures and gives underwriters more comfort with the risk.

Voices of The Network

Appreciate the value and impact of the Beyond Insurance Global Network through the experience of our members.

Ottawa Kent

Randy Boss

Ottawa Kent

The power of the IQRM is unparalleled. During a meeting concerning a cancellation, I showed an underwriter the Fleet Safety IQRM that had just been completed with the client. She was so impressed, she agreed to renew as long as the Beyond Insurance process was in place!


Stanley Hladik

The Secret Insurance Agency

We just rolled out our private-labeled Beyond Insurance process and landed two separate broker of record letters totaling $1,750,000 this week. By incorporating Beyond Insurance tools and tactics into my business model, I am off to an amazing start to the year.


Griffin Barkley

Barkley Risk Management & Insurance

As a member of the Beyond Insurance Global Network, we are really cranking with risk management audits and employee interviews. Our clients have been very happy, and have gained insights they may not have otherwise known to ask.