Complimentary Assessments


Why take a Beyond Insurance assessment? Our diagnostic assessments empower you to identify a suitable program to reach your potential. Each assessment also serves the purpose of enabling Beyond Insurance to evaluate and document your readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, mindset and help you build a roadmap for success.

Producer Growth Assessment

Since 2006, Beyond Insurance has administered the Producer Growth Assessment (PGA) to thousands of growth minded insurance and risk management professionals. The research and first-hand experience of Beyond Insurance indicates that the mastery of ten disciplines has a direct correlation on your growth, productivity and performance.

This survey reflects your Unrealized Growth Potential... what you are capable of becoming. The PGA will score and calculate your strengths as well as growth opportunities for adding rigor, strategy, process, tools and tactics.

Organic Growth Assessment

Organic growth is best defined as “growth from within”… the process of business expansion by increased output and/or enhancing sales as opposed to mergers and acquisitions.  As you know, it is the number one indicator of a dynamic, forward-thinking agency.

The research and first-hand experience of Beyond Insurance indicates that the mastery of six disciplines have a direct correlation on organic growth. The Organic Growth Assessment (OGA) is a 20 statement survey that will score and calculate the strengths of your organization as well as growth opportunities from adding rigor, strategy, process, tools, and tactics. 

Sales Leadership Index

Sales leadership involves setting the vision and direction that define the sales culture within your organization. Assuming you currently serve as your agency’s sales leader (or have aspirations to do so), you have the opportunity and responsibility to shape, guide, and mold the behaviors, values, actions, and outcomes of your business development team.  As a sales leader, it is imperative that you comprehend the vital importance of your role, the characteristics of a “best practices” sales leader, and the necessity to lead with a playbook.

The Sales Leadership Index (SLI) is a barometer of effective sales leadership that encompasses ten proven disciplines. Based upon the results of the SLI, you will be able to design and implement action steps to improve your performance.