Trusted Risk Advisor

The Trusted Risk Advisor™ certification is reserved for agents and brokers who wish to take their game to the next reap the rewards that only enhanced credibility, trust, and perception can bring.



About the Certification Program

A symbol of professional excellence in consultative and diagnostic sales and enterprise risk management, the Trusted Risk Advisor™ (TRA) is reserved for agents & brokers who wish to advance their ability to deliver an enterprise risk management (ERM) method through a logical, disciplined and results-oriented framework. While participating agents and brokers may enter the program with a proven track record of success, the TRA empowers them to sharpen arrows in their quiver, confirm that they have a "growth mindset," and consider additional tools and tactics to significantly improve performance. 

The TRA certification is in partnership with sponsoring insurance carriers and state associations. 

To earn the TRA certification, you must take all four courses and adhere to the principals taught for rendering insurance brokerage services and business risk management services.

Benefits of the TRA Certification

Competitive Advantage: Formal training in consultative, diagnostic sales and risk advisory skills gives you a distinguished brand and competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Certification: Demonstrates that you have the risk advisory knowledge, skills, tools, and process needed to successfully identify, analyze, and mitigate risks and exposures on your client's behalf. 

Performance: Trusted Risk Advisors build high-trust client relationships that are strong and enduring, regardless of market conditions. The TRA mark demonstrates that you are skilled at reducing claim frequency and severity. 

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