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Carrier Programs

Beyond Insurance designs and builds customized carrier programs to impact the performance of field marketing representatives, underwriters, claims and risk control specialists as well as the agents they serve.  Each carrier continues to give Beyond Insurance rave reviews for our ability to achieve mission critical results. Explore a sampling of workshops that Beyond Insurance offers and schedule a consultation to design a program that suits your needs. 

Leadership Characteristics That Support Innovation

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Innovation is the successful introduction of a new thing or method or a new way to look at an “old” thing.  It involves acting on creative ideas to make a tangible difference in the domain in which innovation occurs.  While creativity implies coming up with new ideas, innovation involves bringing these ideas to life. Establishing a culture on innovation is not easy.  It requires a process comprised of specific tools, resources, rules and discipline.  It also requires the leader to be a fearless visionary committed to backing bold ideas. 

In this timely, engaging and interactive program participants will be challenged through questions such as: Is there a better way?  What if you…? What would happen if…? And, how would our agents, brokers and customers react to…?  You will leave the program with a keen understanding of eight characteristics that foster innovation.

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Simplifying Complex Sales Skills

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is essential that underwriters simplify complex sales skills. That being said, Beyond Insurance will guide you through a workshop to fine-tune your ability to deepen broker relationships, master the art of negotiation, enhance your personal brand, and define the rules for engagement with agents and brokers to significantly improve your new business hit ratio.  The interactive, engaging program will also focus on the importance of letting go of preconceived notions, articulating your value proposition, and exploring your WHY…your purpose, cause for professional existence.

Simplifying Complex Sales Skills is all about diminishing the scope of complexity…reducing your unique talents to basic essentials.  To consistently win in a more simplified world!

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Cracking the Code to Commodization

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Commoditization is a disease that eats away at one’s knowledge, wisdom and professionalism. It is so cruel and debilitating that it strips away the value proposition of even the most seasoned professional. Cracking the Code is a powerful, timely and engaging program which will give you essential strategies to escape the Commodity Trap. You will leave the program with an Escape Route to stimulate your creative energies, diagnostic capabilities and competitive instincts. The program is about courage, commitment, communication, focus, passion, positive attitude, problem solving, relationships, self-discipline and teamwork.

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Reaching Your Peak Potential

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The Reaching Your Peak Potential program will launch field marketing specialists, production and renewal underwriters, claims and risk consultant specialists into enhanced productivity by developing positive habits that differentiate you from all other carrier representatives.

You will learn the critical skills you need to become high performers, apply the appropriate consultative selling skills and techniques at each stage of the agent and broker journey, deepen relationships, and master your business so you can see results in the shortest amount of time. Specific skill enhancement areas include, but are not limited to, active listening, personal branding, productive agency meetings, developing compelling credibility statements and value propositions, handling objections, mutual accountability and the art of negotiation. With these fundamentals in place, you will build a strong foundation of loyal agents and brokers for years to come.

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Establishing a Winning Sales Culture

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Your organization’s sales culture reflects a set of values that show up in the everyday behavior of those individuals who are involved in business development.  In many ways, sales culture is like personality as it represents the behavior, attitudes, beliefs, and underlying assumptions of your sales professionals. So, do you develop a high-performing sales culture? It begins with a set of core values that shape, guide, and mold your organization’s work environment, business relationships, and, ultimately, your agent, broker and customer experience journey.

A few central characteristics are listed below:

  • Sales Culture = Core Values
  • Core Values = Behaviors
  • Behaviors = Results

Sales culture is learned through interactions with your sales team through which you instill core values that reflect desired behaviors that are consistent with these principles. Sales culture leads to results. And it is your responsibility to build!

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Defining the Rules of Engagement to Significantly Improve Your New Business Hit Ratio

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If you do not use careful judgment in choosing business development opportunities and/or have a random approach to prospect research and qualification, you are losing time, confidence, reputation and money.

Each participant will be challenged to define his or her rules for engagement to significantly improve new business hit ratio. The program covers these topics with supporting exercises:

  • The commodity trap. How best to escape.

  • Design of a “criteria filter” to screen out opportunities that have minimal ROI.

  • Appreciating the value of one’s time, confidence, reputation and money.

  • Understanding who are the decision makers.

  • Knowing how and when to ask for business.

  • When or where appropriate, gaining direct access to the insured.

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