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7 Ways to “Keep Calm and Listen” in 2022

When a tree falls in the forest, can you hear it?  Or are you so busy talking that no one can hear it?

2022 may be the year to invoke the “Keep Calm and Listen” rule! 

The “Keep Calm and Listen” rule is based on the World War II motivational poster and reminds us to spend 75-to-80% of our time listening and only 20-to-25% talking.  Most people find that this is a tough rule to follow because we enjoy talking about ourselves and our interests.

When you stop talking and connect more deeply with people in the business setting, you will begin to transform them into loyal, passionate clients.  Why?  Everyone wants to be understood, acknowledged, and made to feel important and relevant.  They want to be heard!

What are some traits of a good listener?

  1. Show prospects that they have importance and meaning.  Listen to their perspectives and situation rather than telling them how you can help them.
  2. Engage in a dialogue rather than a product dump.  If they look confused, clarify what you just said.  If they look like they have something to say, stop talking and listen to their opinion or comment. 
  3. Listen to their body language. Have their eyes glazed over?  Are they covertly checking their phone? Things that people avoid talking about can often highlight a lack of understanding of the issues.
  4. Demonstrate that you clearly comprehend what people are saying and feeling.  Show that you care about their problems, challenges, goals, and aspirations. 
  5. Repeat their words back to them.  Active listening is a power skill.  When they know that you have heard their concerns and understand them, they will be more willing to respond positively to your products, services, and resources.
  6. Build trust.  Share relevant information and perspectives they can apply in their business.  When they relate to and understand the information you provide, they will begin to trust you.  Before sending information, ask yourself, “If I were on the receiving end of this communication, would I be positively impacted?  What value, contribution, or benefit would I receive?”
  7. Make them feel like the center of your universe.  Remember, it is not you who is important --they are!  Let them know that they are truly important, that you care intensely about their family and business…and you’ll turn them into raving fans for life.

Every time you connect with a person in 2022, practice the ”Keep Calm and Listen” rule.  Remember, you’ll enhance their life – and yours - by listening to them. 

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