8 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Valued, Important, and Special

One key to customer loyalty is making sure their experience with you is special. Not only do you need to listen to your customers’ unique problems and provide viable solutions; you also have to win them over with an engaging and emotional connection to truly wow them and keep them coming back for more.

Let’s look at 8 ways to make your customers feel valued, important, and special:

  1. Say Thank You: This seems obvious, and , hopefully, you already do this, but you may not be doing it in the best way. A handwritten thank-you note or card stands the test of time when you want to convey honest appreciation.
  2. Check in with them: Don’t limit your interactions with your customers to calling on them only when it’s time to open new business transactions or in response to a communication from their side. Periodically make contact yourself for no reason other than to see how things are going and to offer a listening ear.
  3. Ask for advice: Your customers can serve as a huge resource pool for you to turn to when you need advice on areas that fall within their expertise.  Doing so shows that you understand the value they offer to the customers they serve.
  4. Refer business to them: Show your customers that you believe in their service offerings by sending new business to them. Loyalty breeds loyalty.
  5. Be there: When your customers call you, answer. When they email you, respond quickly and completely. When they have a problem, be the solution.
  6. Be honest: You may not know the answer to every question or have the solution to every problem. Listen to what your customers need, and if you can’t deliver the solution, be honest about that fact and try to find them someone or something that can solve the problem.
  7. Know them: Get to know each of your customers as a person. Take time to have conversations about their hobbies, family, and interests. Know them well enough to anticipate their needs and preferences, from ordering their preferred beverage before they arrive at lunch to giving them free tickets to their favorite team’s big game.
  8. Be different: Wow your customers by delivering service in unexpected and even delightful ways. You have to stand out in the crowd and be memorable.

Each interaction with your customer brings you an opportunity to create an experience that is elevated compared to your competition.

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