Change is Inevitable

Do you spend time and energy trying to avoid change? If so, you are not alone.  There are two types of coping – escape and active. Escape coping involves changing behaviors to avoid thinking or feeling things that cause discomfort. Active coping, on the other hand, empowers you to tackle a problem head-on. When it comes to navigating change, active coping is healthier as the stress is being addressed, rather than avoided.

In his blog, “10 Tips for Dealing with Change Positively in Your Workplace,” Ban Weston, Managing Director of wm consulting, suggests the following:

  1. Acknowledge the change. Accepting that change is happening is step number one.
  2. Face your fears. Consider writing down your fears and building plans to combat them. Knowing that you have strategies to combat will defuse your anxiety.
  3. Confront your feelings and seek support. Let the people who know you best guide your actions and thoughts in a positive direction.
  4. Stop the fearful thoughts and replace them with something positive. When negativity creeps into your mind, immediately turn to something positive.
  5. Be flexible and embrace change. Make every attempt to be open and flexible. Even if you do not think the change is in your best interest, keep an open mind.
  6. Be part of the change. View change as an opportunity. Adopt an attitude of anticipation and excitement. Your attitude is key to moving forward.
  7. Communication and more communication. Often, the fear of change surrounds the unknown. Ask questions. Actively listen. Gain clarity and direction.
  8. Reduce stress and anxiety. When confronted with change, it is imperative that you are healthy and active. Make a special effort to focus on exercise and nutrition.
  9. Have a sense of meaning. Acknowledge your positive qualities, skill, and attributes. Focus on past successes.
  10. Continue to do your work and see the big picture. Realign your vision and goals to support your new direction.
  11. Change is inevitable…let go of the past and face your fears.
  12. Entitlement gets you nowhere.
  13. Use change as a catalyst to explore, learn, and grow. Embrace new pathways.

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