Ditch the Bid and Build Deep, Long-Lasting Client Relationships Instead!

What happens when you are constantly chasing the 90-day bid? You usually end up having to bid against other eager, transaction-oriented agents every single year. How different would your life be if you had a loyal client base filled with raving fans who love you and sing your praises?

Rather than striving for a client relationship that is “not bad” or “good enough,” build a strong client experience. You will instantly stand out if you offer excellent, comprehensive risk management services. Your clients will be amazed because they’re so used to good enough; the excellent risk advisor is truly rare. This will work to your advantage because when you take things up a level and exceed low expectations, you will build a bullet-proof book of business filled with loyal clients and raving fans. Your raving fan network will support your cause and add its own resources to it. In other words, they will help you accomplish your goals, and you will receive tremendous rewards in return.

There is a caveat to doing this. You must devote time to improving your risk management skills. You don’t want to be just good enough. You must be remarkable. How do you do that?

Start by brainstorming the outcome of your goal to be a consultative risk advisor. Then work backward from that goal to determine everything that needs to occur.

Write down small and detailed tasks, as well as large projects. Figure out where you need to start on your campaign to be a remarkable, differentiated risk advisor.

Here’s a quick tip that will help you make progress right away. When you finish reading this blog, make a list of three things that you can do that will bring you closer to achieving your goal of becoming a consultative risk advisor. Without waiting too long, go out and do them, then add three more tasks to your list.

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