Finding the Right Mentor

The single most important relationship you will cultivate as you work your way toward the summit is the one you can have with a well-chosen mentor. A mentor is important because he or she can truly share wisdom with you and provide much-needed support as you grow and achieve at ever-higher levels.

Before deciding on a mentor that you believe is right for you, consider five guidelines:

  1. Know yourself: Think about where you are in your career and where you would like to be. Assess your personality type and which personality types complement your own.
  2. Keep an open mind as to who this person might be: Your mentor is not necessarily your best friend, supervisor, a person with a high-ranking title, or even someone in the same business as you. It’s far more important to find someone who exemplifies the traits and skills that you want to adopt.
  3. Identify where you may find a suitable mentor: Good sources include your professional network, your management team, industry associations, online communities, and professors.
  4. Know what you want to achieve from the relationship: A clear understanding of your purpose and the desired result will ensure that you find a suitable mentor.
  5. Think about people who have mentored you in the past: Think about the qualities you appreciated most about these past mentors and use them as barometers in determining the traits you desire in a new mentor.

Finding the right mentor is not easy, but as a person who serves as both a mentor and a protégé, Scott Addis strongly recommends the journey.


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